TZS288 Gateways to the Soul : Part 1

Serge Beddington-BehrensIn this first of two conversations, I explore the gateways to the soul with Serge Beddington-Behrens as we talk about his book so entitled.

The reason we have spread this conversation into two parts is that the book is huge and all encompassing in its scope and breath. See this episode as a warm up for the soul and I’ve included a meditation called Soul Warmth below.

Serge also treats us early on to a rendition of the Coronavirus Blues – you have been warned !

Gateways to the SoulTopics covered :

  • Time working in extraordinary ways
  • How the heart is the gateway to the soul
  • Don’t be so ‘blue’ about the virus
  • How we have enchained ourselves
  • The route to ensoulment
  • The rise (and demise) of the hero/conqueror
  • The emergence of altruism
  • Why the soul has gone to sleep
  • The outward and inward awakening of the soul
  • The enemy of the soul
  • Tapping into the force of the soul
  • Fostering soul-buddiness
  • Wetiko – a spiritual virus?
  • Taking evil on
  • The power of taking a stand for goodness
  • The rise of the young ‘old’ souls – and old ‘young’ souls
  • How to approach the gateway – and go through it
  • Honouring your bliss
  • Tom Evans’ soul-full path
  • How soul can manifest in different ways
  • Resistance to going through the gateways
  • Honouring our multi-dimensionality

Links from the Podcast

Serge’s web site
Gateways to the Soul
Free access to walk The Soul-full Path

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