TZS279 The Scroll

This episode augurs in a new direction for this podcast. I am moving to a new phase where I solely focus on my own creative output – with of course some strategic co-creations with like-minded souls. So moving forward, the podcast will slew from being primarily interview-based to one where I share samples of said new creative output.

The first example is this sample chapter from Soulwaves : Insertions.


What is Soulwaves : Insertions?

This book of 12 short stories is both a sequel and prequel to Soulwaves : A Future History. It follows the tradition of writers like David Mitchell (Cloud Atlas) and Ted Chiang (Stories of Our Lives – on which the film Arrival was based). It tells of 12 ways the Council of the Light insert themselves from the Void into the Density at times when a transition is required.

While it stands alone from Soulwaves : A Future History, it can be read before or after it as it fills in some of the gaps.

My plan is to publish it 13 ‘moonths’ after Soulwaves came out this year, on the first New Moon of 2021 – and that the full book of The Duadex, referred to in this short story, and the end short story of this collection, is destined to come out by the first New Moon of 2022 – if we are all still here !!

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