TZS278 Loving the Work That You Do

Vicki WuscheIn this episode, I chat to Vicki Wusche about how to start planning now for a different phase of life and way of being. Just imagine if these strange times were the trigger for a new way for each of us to be.

The Wealthy Retirement PlanTopics we chat about :

  • How to live a life you love
  • Five steps to a new way to be
  • Getting your finances under control
  • Leveraging your resources
  • The future starts … Now!
  • Redefining the way you work
  • The cost of getting to and from work
  • Bringing a shade of the quick fix in today
  • Making money by saving money
  • Getting to a place where you get paid for what you enjoy doing
  • Focussing on your passion
  • Planting a seed
  • When an R of over 1 can be beneficial
  • Decluttering and upcycling

Useful Links

Vicki Wusche’s web site
The Wealthy Retirement Plan