TZS273 Out of the Void

Tom Evans SeerTom Evans in conversation with Jackie Walker on how an unexpected author and meditation guide now finds himself as an unexpected composer after unexpectedly writing a novel which might be the future history of the Earth and humanity. Dive into the two videos, follow the links and listen to the related podcasts below for more …

Soulwaves All VersionsTopics we chat about :

  • Going into and out of a void
  • Learning the key of musical keys
  • The seeds of composition
  • Finding a calling
  • Allowing a calling to find you
  • Listening to the sirens who call you
  • How music drives you to create it
  • Filling a void

Out of the Void

Links from the podcast

Read or listen to Soulwaves
Piers Ward Guitar Tutor
One Hundred Years of Ermintrude
My meditations on Insight Timer
Eternell’s meditations on Insight Timer
Souldalas from Siri Opli

Soulwaves : Immersion

Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel

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