TZS272 Your Future History

Louisa Tanner MunsonIn this podcast, I explore with the amazingly intuitive astrologer, Louisa Tanner Munson, whether our futures are fixed or changeable. Discover how Louisa is using a technology which is thousands of years old with alongside something a little more recent.

Topics we chat about :

  • The source date for astrological readings
  • Connections with the foetus in the womb
  • The womb as a portal
  • The physical basis for astrology
  • Thoughts on astrological perspectives
  • Why retrogrades are not so bad
  • How Louisa got into astrology
  • How to tap into Your Future History
  • Allowing what’s possible to become probable
  • Astrology as a coaching tool
  • Using astrological insights as a filter for Facebook ads
  • Feeling good with astrology

Links from the podcast

Feel Good Astrology
Tune into your soul on Insight Timer
The Daily Uplift Forecast on Facebook

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