TZS271 Mariëlle the Wordsmith

Marielle SmithIt is with great delight I welcome a fellow author, author’s mentor and tarot enthusiast to the show. Mariëlle Smith is a master with words and passionate about sowing seeds of creativity. We share a simple Tarot reading in the show which is universally applicable to all listeners.

Topics we chat about :

52 Weeks of Writing

  • Being the writer you can be
  • Being accountable as a writer
  • Using the Tarot as a key
  • Tarot as a bridge to intuition
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome
  • Focusing on the right thing
  • Diarising creative time
  • Journalling as a discipline for writers
  • How writers benefit from their own writings
  • Finding the writing process that works for you
  • Insight Timer, a community of meditators

Osho Zen Tarot Spread from the podcast

Osho Zen Spread

Links from the podcast

Mariëlle’s web site
Mariëlle on Instagram
Mariëlle on Facebook
The Accountable Wordsmith’s Facebook Group
The LightSeer’s Tarot

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