TZS268 Joanna Penn : Authoring Your Own Future

Joanna Penn and her booksThe start of 2020 sees this podcast ramping up again after a hiatus while I finally got my novel Soulwaves done, dusted and out to the world. So it’s with great pleasure and honour, that Joanna Penn is my first guest for the revamped show in 2020. Discover what you might achieve in the next ten years once you set your mind to it – and why this new decade will be a boom time for authors and creatives.

Audio For AuthorsTopics we chat about :

  • Our podcasting history together
  • Don’t wait until you know what you are doing to get started
  • How Joanna gets and stays in the zone
  • Create something new in the world each and every day
  • The importance of a creative space and time
  • How the publishing landscape changed over the last decade
  • Books & audiobooks being subscribable
  • More books … but also many more readers these days
  • Going niche … and wide
  • Checking ebooks and audiobooks out of libraries
  • Thoughts on getting a film deal
  • The rise and rise of audio for authors
  • Getting your own AI voice double
  • Getting found from voice searches
  • Using AI to create ‘full cast’ audiobooks (& translations)
  • What will the author landscape look like in 2030?
  • Going even more ‘virtual’

Links from the podcast

The Creative Penn main web site
The Creative Penn Podcast
Audio for Authors
Findaway Voices
The Books and Travel Podcast
The JF Penn Site
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The JF Penn Site
The Deep L Translator

Other Zone Show Interviews with Joanna Penn

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My Interviews on the Creative Penn Podcast

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