TZS263 Soulwaves : A Future History

Tom Evans SeerIn this podcast, Jelena Adzic turns the tables on me and explores my latest book, and 1st full novel, Soulwaves.

Find out what the genre post-dystopian cyberpunk is all about.

Topics we chat about

  • Why I’ve moved away from non-fiction
  • Sharing a ride together on Spaceship Earth
  • What is a Soulwave?
  • Entanglement across space and time
  • The nature of channelled fiction
  • The Free Will paradox from being in the Density
  • Why prescience is pre-science
  • Our earliest memories
  • When the book will be out

Links from the podcast

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Soulwave, The Slowest Book I’ve Written
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Jelena Adzic

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