TZS259 The Art of Timefulness

The Art of TimefulnessIn this podcast the tables are turned on me as meditation guide and Kabbalah teacher, Alison Serour explores my new course on the Insight Timer app – The Art of Timefulness.

Topics we chat about :

  • The playfulness of creating new words
  • On days we meditate, we counterintuitively get more done
  • The passage of time is subjective
  • Our modern day time system is man-made and we can reconstruct it
  • Replace your To Do list with a To Love list
  • The EMT, IMT and OMT time zones
  • Operating ‘just in time’
  • Making mindfulness accessible and fun
  • Introducing temporal alchemy
  • Dynamically growing course content on Insight Timer courses
  • How mindfulness leads to timefulness …
  • … and how timefulness leads to kindfulness
  • The importance of taking a breather

Links from the podcast

The Art of Timefulness on Insight Timer
Tom Evans meditations & mindfulness podcasts on Insight Timer
Definition of Timefulness on Urban Dictionary
Managing Time Mindfully book and audiobook
Mindfulness-based Time Management

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