TZS258 Tools for Your Soul’s Journey

Alison SerourMeditation guide, and teacher at the Kabbalah Center, Alison Serour explains how we can use meditation to access the guidance from our soul. Alison’s free meditations and new course, Rules and Tools for Your Soul’s Journey, are available on the Insight Timer app.

p.s. apologies for the quality of my audio, wrong mic selected on Skype. There is a guided meditation at the end of this podcast so pull over and pause if you are driving. Ambient meditation music © Eternell

Kabbalah CourseTopics we chat about :

  • How Alison came across Kabbalah as a tool to help in life
  • What is Kabbalistic meditation?
  • Connecting to a lineage of Kabbalists
  • There is no need to switch religion to benefit from the wisdom of Kabbalah
  • The challenge of how to win at this game of life
  • Allowing your soul to come through in the creative process
  • How it was a struggle to legitimize Kabbalah
  • The instruction manual for lasting fulfillment
  • The support our soul provides if we let it

Links from the podcast

Alison Serour at the Kabbalah Center
Alison Serour’s meditations on the app
Alison Serour’s course on the app
Tom Evans meditations & mindfulness podcasts on the app
Tom Evans’s course on the app

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