TZS255 Being Curious with Hugh Byrne

A slightly different Zone Show today where two Insight Timer meditation guides – Hugh Byrne and Tom Evans – meet face to face in Bushy Park, West London and explore their curiosity.

This podcast ends with a short meditation at the end, so pull over 30 minutes in if you are driving.

Hugh Bryne Here and Now HabitTopics we chat about :

  • The door into the world of mindfulness meditation
  • The transition from meditator to meditation guide
  • Sitting under the Bodhi Tree
  • Making a living as a mindfulness teacher
  • Being conscious about habits
  • Bringing the unconscious into awareness
  • In space lies the ability to choose
  • How to dance with life
  • Meditation as a bedrock
  • The habits of being joyful, compassionate and grateful
  • Why it only takes 1 minute
  • The case for a more mindful world
  • Living with more intentionality

* errata, I mentioned the world has 9 billion people on it. It’s more like 7.6 billion. I am in the middle of writing a sci-fi book at the mo starting in 2058 so got my figures mixed.

Links from the podcast

Hugh’s main web site
Hugh Byrne on Insight Timer
Tom Evans on Insight Timer
The Here and Now Habit on Amazon

What’s this bird? Answers by way of comment below much appreciated …

water bird

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