TZS253 This Book Means Business

Alison Jones PIPAuthor, publishing consultant and content strategist, Alison Jones, talks about her latest book, This Book Means Business.

If you are a budding or experienced author, this book will help you open doors for you and your business before and after you have written and published it.

this book means businessTopics we chat about :

  • How writing a book can be self-fulfilling
  • Dispelling guilt around writing
  • Sharing your book before it’s published
  • Preparing for your writing and publishing journey
  • Extending the publishing partnership model
  • Getting up and running with your book
  • Why podcasting is great for networking
  • Bringing diversity into business books
  • Getting men to read more!
  • Creating more safety for female writers
  • Writing a book by ‘doing it’
  • The power built from having momentum

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