TZS248 The 5AM Miracle

Jeff SandersJeff Sanders, the author of The 5AM Miracle and fellow podcast host, talks about changing your 9 to 5 to a 5 to 9. He is a man after my own heart who loves getting more done with less time.

Topics we chat about :

  • How Jeff started getting up early
  • Shifting to 5am starts slowly over time
  • The joy of a non-interrupted flow state at 5am
  • Getting up early means going to bed early too
  • What if you are a night owl?
  • Taking a ‘health first’ approach
  • The benefits of seasonal goal setting
  • The domino effect of goals
  • Finding a role model
  • The benefits of upside down thinking
  • The importance of tracking your progress
  • Podcasting as the best networking ever
  • Getting started with podcasting
  • The Free Time Formula
  • The antithesis to enslavement in time

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Jeff’s podcast
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