TZS246 The Everything Answer Book

Amit Goswami Amit Goswami returns to the Zone Show to talk about his latest book, The Everything Answer Book.

The book explains how quantum science gives insight into love, death and the meaning of life … and everything!

The Everything Answer BookTopics covered :

  • How the movement of conscious goes in unplanned ways
  • Moving from transactional to transformative behaviour
  • How scientists are opening up to new ideas
  • The brain has tangled hierarchy
  • The two kinds of potentiality
  • How the brain can operate locally and non-locally
  • Non-locality allows us to tap into the past and the future
  • How reincarnation and karma lend themselves to scientific analysis
  • How the mind gets conditioned and processes meaning
  • Why true AI cannot occur without a tangled hierarchy
  • Steering the course of evolution
  • How old wisdom is being re-discovered and understood in a new context
  • How the quantum worldview is essential to our survival

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