TZS 235 Being Your Best Self

Simon de CintraActor, author, motivator and public speaking coach, Simon de Cintra, explains why we only have to be our best self and turn up as who we are.

Topics we chat about :

    • Just be authentic and your audience will believe you
    • It’s not what you know but how you can persuade
    • Zero moments of truth – why we are all more exposed these days
    • Taking control of the Inner Monologue
    • The importance of breath control in public speaking
    • Setting the bar at just the right height for yourself
    • Matching verbal and non-verbal communications
    • The danger of over-rehearsing
    • Narrowing the distance between you and the audience
    • Getting the audience to tell you what they want to hear about
    • Dealing with those moments where we freeze and forget
    • Confidence in speaking as a life skill for young adults

    Links from the podcast

    Simon on LinkedIn
    My First Trainers
    The Speakers Trust

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