TZS 234 Time for a Rethink

lucy mccarraherAuthor, author’s mentor, Key Person of Influence and hybrid publisher, Lucy McCarraher, explains how a publishing a book opens doors for entrepreneurs.

Topics we chat about :

    • How Lucy found her way into media by accident
    • Becoming a work-life balance expert
    • Opening doors to corporate work
    • Changing your profile by publishing a book
    • Why it’s worth entering writing competitions
    • You are never too old to get published
    • The state of play of publishing today
    • The advent of hybrid publishing
    • The cost of book publishing is an investment in marketing
    • ‘Re-thinking’ the world for authors and readers
    • The process of getting the book inside you, out of you
    • The process of writing is great for self-development
    • The art of ‘booksmithing’
    • The near-future of publishing
    • The ‘thud factor’ of a printed book
    • Creating books that sell authors

Links from the podcast

Rethink Press
My Fit
Lucy McCarraher : Key Person of Influence
Tim Farmer : Grandpa on a Skateboard
Blocks : The Enlightened Way to Clear Writer’s Block

p.s. this podcast reminded me about the Mind Map of my book ‘Blocks’ created by Joe Gregory – a great way of structuring a book and showing in one image what it contains …
Blocks Mind Map
Rethink Press

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