TZS 236 Fabulously Resilient

Joni Peddie and Celynn MorinAuthors of the FAB Quotient, Joni Peddie and Celyn Morin explain why we need to Fuel our bodies to unlock energy, to Activate our bodies to reduce stress and to Behave in a way that is authentic.

Discover how big change can ensue from the adoption of tiny habits.

Topics we chat about :

FAB Quotient

  • The three dimensions to resilience
  • The importance of food as a bonding agent
  • How what we eat for lunch affects our productivity in the afternoon
  • Eating ‘like an artist’
  • Getting teams that are working OK to work even better
  • Why being ‘FAB’ isn’t just nice but essential these days
  • Why 21 days helps form a new habit
  • Finding out how ‘fab’ you are
  • Escaping from being time-poor and stress-rich
  • Success through ‘tiny habits’
  • Getting back into the zone when the ‘wheels come of the bus’
  • The usefulness of mindfulness meditation
  • The importance of taking ‘a breather’
  • Jumping into a more fabulous world

Links from the podcast

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Celynn Morin on LinkedIn

BJ Fogg
Heart-full Living

TZS 235 Being Your Best Self

Simon de CintraActor, author, motivator and public speaking coach, Simon de Cintra, explains why we only have to be our best self and turn up as who we are.

Topics we chat about :

    • Just be authentic and your audience will believe you
    • It’s not what you know but how you can persuade
    • Zero moments of truth – why we are all more exposed these days
    • Taking control of the Inner Monologue
    • The importance of breath control in public speaking
    • Setting the bar at just the right height for yourself
    • Matching verbal and non-verbal communications
    • The danger of over-rehearsing
    • Narrowing the distance between you and the audience
    • Getting the audience to tell you what they want to hear about
    • Dealing with those moments where we freeze and forget
    • Confidence in speaking as a life skill for young adults

    Links from the podcast

    Simon on LinkedIn
    My First Trainers
    The Speakers Trust

TZS 234 Time for a Rethink

lucy mccarraherAuthor, author’s mentor, Key Person of Influence and hybrid publisher, Lucy McCarraher, explains how a publishing a book opens doors for entrepreneurs.

Topics we chat about :

    • How Lucy found her way into media by accident
    • Becoming a work-life balance expert
    • Opening doors to corporate work
    • Changing your profile by publishing a book
    • Why it’s worth entering writing competitions
    • You are never too old to get published
    • The state of play of publishing today
    • The advent of hybrid publishing
    • The cost of book publishing is an investment in marketing
    • ‘Re-thinking’ the world for authors and readers
    • The process of getting the book inside you, out of you
    • The process of writing is great for self-development
    • The art of ‘booksmithing’
    • The near-future of publishing
    • The ‘thud factor’ of a printed book
    • Creating books that sell authors

Links from the podcast

Rethink Press
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Lucy McCarraher : Key Person of Influence
Tim Farmer : Grandpa on a Skateboard
Blocks : The Enlightened Way to Clear Writer’s Block

p.s. this podcast reminded me about the Mind Map of my book ‘Blocks’ created by Joe Gregory – a great way of structuring a book and showing in one image what it contains …
Blocks Mind Map
Rethink Press

TZS 233 The Art of Kindfulness

Shamash AlidinaAuthor, mindfulness teacher and kindfulness ambassador, Shamash Alidina shares his journey and philosophies in this mind-opening and mind-calming podcast.

This podcast contains a guided meditation so don’t listen to it while driving, operating machinery or docking with the International Space Station.

Free Kindfulness CourseTopics we chat about :