TZS 227 Beyond the Robot

Gary LachmanGary Lachman is a man with two distinctive and accomplished careers. He was once Blondie’s bassist, and Iggy Pop’s guitarist, but these days is an author, lecturer, journalist, philosopher and the biographer of the lives of many leading mystics.

His latest book is an extensively detailed biography of the English writer, novelist and philosopher, Colin Wilson.

Beyond The RobotTopics we chat about :

  • How an ex-bassist with Blondie became a biographer and mystical historian
  • Why the book is called Beyond the Robot
  • Where to start with Colin Wilson
  • Why he wasn’t an Angry Young Man
  • How to tap into Faculty X
  • Grasping more of reality and jumping out of time
  • How mindfulness can open the doors of perception
  • Exploring the power of positive thinking
  • The breakdown of the mental-rational structure
  • Where are the female philosophers and thinkers?
  • Operating in a Post Truth era

  • Links from the podcast

    Gary’s web site
    Beyond the Robot : The Life and Work of Colin Wilson
    Gary’s books on Amazon
    Colin Wilson on Wikipedia

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