TZS219 Breathe Better, Sleep Better

Anandi the Sleep GuruSleep guru and yogini, Anandi, shares her wisdom, and universal wisdom, on the power of the breath in all we do while both asleep and awake.

Discover how the breath is the key to deeper sleep at night and a more awakened day.

breathe better, sleep betterTopics we chat about :

  • Finding your true name
  • Living in bliss
  • The importance of grounded-ness
  • How the breath, heart and mind are interconnected
  • The interaction between sleep and waking time
  • Using the breath to prevent over-reacting
  • Becoming mindful of our inhalation and exhalation muscles
  • Surrendering to the breath and letting go of pain
  • The rhythm of dark and light and sleep and awakeness
  • The ‘spiritual’ purpose of sleep
  • Using the breath to awaken to another level of awakening
  • Getting our digestive ‘fire’ working
  • The importance of giving back
  • The symbiotic nature of life
  • The magical place in between inhale and exhale

Links from the podcast

Anandi’s web site
Breathe Better, Sleep Better

The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness
The Reducing Jet Lag meditation

Anandi’s philanthropy – helping hands
My philanthropy – give a little eye love

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