TZS 216 What is Practical Mindfulness?

The Authority Guide to Practical MindfulnessSue Richardson, CEO of SRA Books, turns the tables on me and interviews me about my new book, The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness.

Discover how to access an easier and more productive state by treating yourself to 10 minutes of Me Time each day.

Topics we chat about :

  • You can be mindful without meditating
  • You can meditate without being mindful
  • How to use mindfulness techniques practically
  • How to be happier, more joyful and more productive and creative
  • Fusing Eastern mysticism with Western neuroscience
  • Getting into EMT – Extended Me Time
  • Not all thoughts come from our head
  • Making and creating the time to meditate
  • Stopping is the new starting
  • Escaping from Mindfalls
  • The singular nature of thought
  • The subjective nature of time
  • Our left and right brains have a different experience of time
  • Creating an ‘interruption barrier’
  • Being mindful in teams
  • Breathing, seeing, thinking and seeing together
  • Making ideas actually happen
  • The power of the spin off
  • Slowing down is the new speeding up

Links from the podcast

The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness
10 Minute Mindfulness Meditations
Heart-full Living
My EyeLove Philanthropic Campaign
Tom’s Talks and Workshops

Listen to the first of the ten meditations that accompany the book here

TZS215 Karma Can Be a Pain

Joanne DiMaggioA trip backwards, and forwards, in time with Past Life Regression therapist, Joanne DiMaggio – author of Karma Can Be a Real Pain: Past Life Clues to Current Life Maladies.

“I am a reporter for the Universe.”

Topics explored:

    Karma Pain

  • Adding healing to past life regression
  • How chronic conditions pass down timelines
  • You don’t need to believe in past lives to benefit from regression
  • Nagging, persistent and chronic ailments lend themselves to being treated by PLR
  • How regression can be used in the creative process
  • The difference between automatic writing and soul writing
  • Channeling the future as well as the past
  • How soul families travel together down the timelines
  • Pre-life agreements and intra-life regression

Links from the podcast

Joanne DiMaggio’s web site
Karma Can Be a Real Pain: Past Life Clues to Current Life Maladies
Soul Writing: Conversing with Your Higher Self
Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment
Frank DeMarco
Journey to the Akashic : an intra-life guided visualisation

TZS214 Getting Bums on Seats

nickjames_333Nick James, CEO of Seriously Fun Business, explains how to run successful and profitable events – and how to have fun at the same time.

Topics we chat about :

  • Running an events about putting on events
  • Good copy puts bums on seats
  • Business can be both serious and fun
  • Success is predicated on a modicum of failure
  • Maintaining a false persona is exhausting
  • Successful events need a unique purpose
  • Creating upsell revenues – and ongoing support for clients
  • Personal energy management is the key to good performance

Links from the podcast

Bums on Seats Bootcamp
Seriously Fun Business

TZS213 Living an Awakened Life

Master Charles CannonEnlightened Master Charles Cannon takes us on a journey around the seasons in his book Living an Awakened Life : The Lessons of Love.

Discover why meditation is our ally in transition to Human 2.0.

living an awakened lifeTopics explored:

  • The importance of a meta structure for a book
  • The spiritual derivation of technology
  • The Holistic Model of Reality
  • Using technology to ease and ensure entry to the meditative state
  • Using meditation to heighten perception
  • Consciousness evolves through all its forms – not just humanity
  • Merging spirituality, consciousness and technology
  • How awareness is a measure of the evolution of consciousness
  • Meditation is the most time honored balancing technique
  • The greatest church and shrine is the heart – @30 mins!!
  • Meditation becomes a 24 hour a day experience of the unbroken awareness
  • The coming of Human 2.0
  • Getting a software upgrade for your soul
  • Our ‘summers’ are based on what precedes them
  • The cyclic nature of consciousness
  • Moving to a contribution consciousness
  • Living in a world where just enough money comes your way

Links from the podcast

Master Charles Cannon web site
Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality
Living an Awakened Life : the book on Amazon
How to meditate infographic
The meditation world map
The Insight Timer app
Ilya Prigogine

TZS212 Emotional Resilience in Business

Robin HillsIn conversation with fellow Authority Guide author, Robin Hills, about how being emotionally resilient in business is a smart and intelligent way to be.

Topics we chat about :

  • Resilience is more than just the ability to bounce back
  • Expecting the unexpected
  • Learning about people from how well they cope
  • How to spot when resilience is being tested
  • Resilience is a human condition
  • Characteristics of a resilient organisation
  • How a controlled level of anxiety can be beneficial
  • Why too much resilience may be not so desirable

Links from the podcast

Robin Hills web site
The Authority Guide to Emotional Resilience in Business
The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness
SRA Books – publishers of the Authority Guide series

The Authority Guide Series

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TZS211 The Dualarity

olivier van duurenForward thinker and visionary, Olivier van DuĆ¼ren, shares his vision for a world where humanity and technology harmonise and synthesise a new way of being and doing.

Discover how to move from a business that might be injured or scared to one that is healthy and mature.

Topics we chat about :

the dualarity

  • What is the dualarity?
  • How to make a business sparkle?
  • Start by leading, energising and loving yourself.
  • Moving towards a singularity.
  • The duality quadrants.
  • Moving from scared and injured to healthy and mature.
  • Why adversity represents an opportunity.
  • Why personal transformation is a precursor to business transformation.
  • Discovering your why and your what.
  • Embracing the dualarity gives technology purpose.
  • How dogs aid creativity.
  • Technology as a tool for global change.
  • Never let your ego be bigger than your talent.

Links from the podcast

The Dualarity
Rethink Press
Insight Timer : getting the whole world meditating one person at a time
The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness

TZS210 Choosing Happiness

Joseph EmetA big welcome back to Zen Master, author and musician, Joseph Emet.

Joseph is talking about his new book, Finding the Blue Sky: A Mindful Approach to Choosing Happiness Here and Now.

“Thinking is the brain talking : meditation is the brain listening” Joseph Emet

Finding the Blue SkyTopics we chat about :

  • The benefits of being happy
  • The negativity bias
  • Learning to swim with the sharks
  • Happy is a smart way to be
  • You are never too young to start meditating
  • Why we should hang around with happy people
  • Aiming for the honey
  • The beauty and simplicity of a meditation break
  • Embracing active laziness
  • The sound of our voice is part of our being
  • Being mindful of our ‘song’
  • Sorting out your own ‘garden’
  • You are never too old to start meditating
  • The beauty of living in Extended Me Time
  • The loveliness of crazy wisdom
  • We all have the potential to be happy

Useful Links

Joseph Emet’s web site
Finding the Blue Sky : book, songs and meditations
Thich Nhat Hanh & Plum Village
My free meditations on Insight Timer
My new book on practical applications of mindfulness

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