TZS209 This Life is Joy

Dr Roger TeelAn enlightening conversation with a life-transforming speaker, a gifted community builder, and a global spiritual leader, Dr. Roger Teel, about his new book This Life is Joy.

Topics explored:

  • Why problems precede enlightenment
  • Why heaven is so much a place on earth
  • The toxicity of the notion of Original Sin
  • How the essence leads to experience and grounds in expression
  • How ageless wisdom appears new thought comes through the lens of experience
  • the life is joyHow to tap into the essence and get in the channelling ‘zone’
  • The usefulness of a meta structure when writing a book
  • The awakening of the heart centre
  • How to get back to centre if the wheels fall off the bus
  • Why forgiveness has to start from within
  • Really happy people don’t start wars
  • Why smart businesses should switch to heart-based thinking

Links from the podcast

Dr Roger Teel’s web site
This Life is Joy on Amazon
Roger’s Heart Work programme on Sounds True
The Mile Hi Church
My meditations on the Insight Timer app
My Heart-full Living Programme

TZS208 From Woe Zone to Go Zone

dr ashley curielBeverly Hills psychologist, Dr Ashley Curiel, explains how mindfulness meditation is so effective as a therapeutic tool.

Topics explored:

  • The difference between a psychiatrist and psychologist
  • The struggle of managing and maintaining image
  • How ‘improv’ helps us manage the making of mistakes
  • The principle of ‘yes and’…
  • Being improvisational in therapy
  • Knowing when someone moves from woe zone to go zone
  • Discovering the benefits of mindfulness and meditation
  • The use of humour [humor] as therapeuitic tool
  • The power of metaphor
  • Ambivalence indicates mis-alignment of gut, heart and head mind centres
  • The metaphor of our chakras

Links from the podcast

Dr Ashley’s web site
Insight Timer app
The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness
The Heart-full Living Programme

Practical Mindfulness

TZS207 Intangible Selling

Dario CucciSales coach and trainer, Dario Cucci, explains how selling even the intangible becomes easy when you make it all about having a conversation.

Topics explored:

  • The sales state of mind
  • The fear of rejection
  • Starting with a conversation
  • Make the intangible relatable so it becomes tangible
  • How to start a conversation
  • Having post-sale conversations
  • The power of active listening
  • Setting up the conditions for customers to buy
  • Why we are all born ‘selling’
  • Automation is only an add-on tool for conversation

Links from the podcast

Dario’s web site
Turning Customers into Profits
Serve and Sell Masterclass Seminar
Converting Conversations to Customers by Nicky Kriel
The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness

TZS206 The Positivity Zone

Sarah LewisAn exploration of the power of positivity with author, business psychologist and agent for positive change, Sarah Lewis.

Topics explored:

  • Tackling change with positivity
  • How to grow what is working
  • Engaging with the ‘whole body’ of the organisation
  • We influence what we see by how we look
  • How appreciative inquiry help you connect with what’s important
  • The Five D’s
  • Using appreciative inquiry on individuals and oneself
  • Making the switch from negativity to positivity
  • The Eightfold Noble Path
  • Appreciative Inquiry and mindfulness

Useful Links

Sarah’s web site
The Happiness Advantage
Sarah’s books
Appreciative Coaching Book
The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness

TZS205 Everyday Meditation

Andy HobsonTwo Insight Timer meditation guides having a natter about how they came to be helping to get the world meditating one person at a time.

This podcast includes two brief meditative visualisations, so don’t listen while driving.

Everyday Meditation Album

  • From drummer to meditation guide
  • Getting children into mindfulness
  • How mindfulness is being embraced in education
  • The process of ‘getting in the zone’
  • Getting meditation ambient music ‘right’
  • Building meditation into your daily life
  • Starting out on a meditation practice
  • Being playful with meditation
  • The power of silence
  • The brain is a receiver of thought as well as a generator
  • How we get the time we spend meditating back easily

Useful Links

Andy Hobson on Insight Timer
Tom Evans on Insight Timer
Andy’s Mindfulness For All site
The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness