TZS197 A New Psychology

Richard BarrettRichard Barrett returns to The Zone Show to talk about his new, paradigm-shifting book, A New Psychology of Human Well-Being.

“a theory of human well-being that unites psychology with spirituality and science …”

Topics we explore:

  • How books like this come in as ‘downloads’
  • How what and how we think affects our overall well-being
  • Sound ‘individuating’ advice for 24 and 25 year olds
Self-actualising in our 40s without the associated crisis
  • Integrating in your 50s and entering service
How the stages of our development relate to the chakra system
  • The energetic impact of not quite mastering a stage of development
How depression comes from not having needs met
  • The secrets to a long and happy life
Everything starts in the energetic world of the mind
  • Creating an self-expressive, communicative education system
  • Why each one of us is soul contracted into a human 3D experience

  • What employees really want is to work for someone who helps them grow
  • The future evolution of the soul

Useful Links

Richard Barrett’s web site
A New Psychology of Human Well-Being
What My Soul Told Me

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