TZS198 The Art-full Psychic

june-elleni lainePsychic artist, creative writer and innovative educator, June-Elleni Laine, explains how she opened up to her spirituality following a career in fashion and design.

Topics we explore:

  • Triggering yourself into the zone
  • Knowing where your ‘spiritual breaks’ are
  • Coming out of the closet
  • The power of mandalas
  • How intention is key
  • Visiting your future self
  • Focusing on what you do want

Useful Links

June-Elleni’s web site
Spirit Portraits
The Art of Being Psychic

TZS197 A New Psychology

Richard BarrettRichard Barrett returns to The Zone Show to talk about his new, paradigm-shifting book, A New Psychology of Human Well-Being.

“a theory of human well-being that unites psychology with spirituality and science …”

Topics we explore:

  • How books like this come in as ‘downloads’
  • How what and how we think affects our overall well-being
  • Sound ‘individuating’ advice for 24 and 25 year olds
Self-actualising in our 40s without the associated crisis
  • Integrating in your 50s and entering service
How the stages of our development relate to the chakra system
  • The energetic impact of not quite mastering a stage of development
How depression comes from not having needs met
  • The secrets to a long and happy life
Everything starts in the energetic world of the mind
  • Creating an self-expressive, communicative education system
  • Why each one of us is soul contracted into a human 3D experience

  • What employees really want is to work for someone who helps them grow
  • The future evolution of the soul

Useful Links

Richard Barrett’s web site
A New Psychology of Human Well-Being
What My Soul Told Me

TZS 196 Quantum Thinking is Vital

Amit GoswamiTheoretical Quantum Physicist Dr. Amit Goswami makes a return appearance on the Zone Show to talk about his progress on introducing and adopting a mainstream quantum worldview.

Topics covered :

  • Why the quantum worldview is a hard sell
  • The dichotomy of being a human
  • Using the word ‘quantum’ correctly
  • Choosing the world that we experience
  • Riding down a stream of thought – consciously and unconsciously
  • Building the University of Transformation
  • Human capital as the new economics
  • Is consciousness and awareness created by ‘dark matter’?
  • Embodiment of love
  • Why dark matter is ‘right under our nose’
  • Tapping into and directing vital energy
  • How healing at a distance works
  • Why living weller for longer is ‘vital’
  • Healing has to happen in the higher dimensions
  • The need for a new educational system
  • The 1 billion people obesity-hunger duality
  • Reformulating and defining wealth and what it means to be rich, and poor
  • How character goes with us when we die
  • The requirement for new instrumentation for quantifying subtle and vital energies

Useful Links

Amit Goswami’s web site
Buy the book on Amazon
Follow Amit’s Tweets

Articles and themes mentioned in the podcast

Streams of Thought
Cataracts of the Third Eye
Applications of the Heart Ray
Applications of the Pineal Ray

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