TZS194 A Man Inspired

Lance SecretanPolymath, inspirer of leaders and author, Lance Secretan talks about his life and his loves.

Topics we explore:

  • How business is still essentially broken
  • Inspire don’t motivate
  • Motivation lights a fire underneath someone
  • Inspiration lights a fire within someone
  • Understanding why things don’t work
  • Identifying a company’s dream
  • Taking values and strategies from successful domestic relationships into the corporate world
  • Being one with who we are and who we are with
  • Re-engineering business from the ground up
  • Entering the state of service
  • The power of ‘I love you’
  • The literal power of the heart
  • A better way to deal with Brexit
  • You can push or go with the flow
  • Why do people shrink from the word love?
  • Why humans simply need more love in their lives

Links from the show

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