TZS 195 Don’t Worry Be Happy

Roshani ShennazzIn conversation with author, channel and healer Roshani Shenazz about how to connect and bring the magic and wisdom of angels into our lives.

Topics we explore:

TZS 195 Making Dreams Conscious

Daniella BlechnerIn conversation with author mentor, Daniella Blechner about the writing and publishing process.

Topics we explore:

  • Why all books need a vision
  • Creating your own publishing brand
  • Tmesis is the only word in English beginning with T & M
  • Books are a conversation with a reader
  • How to get publishers to come to you
  • Making appointments with your chapters
  • Audiobook production as part of the editing process
  • Using crowdgiving to create an abundance spiral

  • Links from the show

    Conscious Dreams Publishing
    Give a Little Eye Love
    Managing Time Mindfully

TZS194 A Man Inspired

Lance SecretanPolymath, inspirer of leaders and author, Lance Secretan talks about his life and his loves.

Topics we explore:

  • How business is still essentially broken
  • Inspire don’t motivate
  • Motivation lights a fire underneath someone
  • Inspiration lights a fire within someone
  • Understanding why things don’t work
  • Identifying a company’s dream
  • Taking values and strategies from successful domestic relationships into the corporate world
  • Being one with who we are and who we are with
  • Re-engineering business from the ground up
  • Entering the state of service
  • The power of ‘I love you’
  • The literal power of the heart
  • A better way to deal with Brexit
  • You can push or go with the flow
  • Why do people shrink from the word love?
  • Why humans simply need more love in their lives

Links from the show

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A Love Story : An Intensely Personal Memoir
The Spark, the Flame, and the Torch
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Love Never Dies | podcast with Jamie Turndorf

The Difference Between Motivation and Inspiration

TZS193 Redefining Success

Tim JohnsonIn conversation with business advisor, mentor and strategist, Tim Johnson, on his book The Success Book : How to Grow Yourself and Your Business.

Topics we explore:

  • How success is really subjective
  • Moving your success ‘goalposts’
  • Switching from external to internal references
  • Aiming to make 1+1 make 3
  • Finding meaning in success
  • The upside down triangle of business heirarchy
  • Creating a blame-free culture
  • Living life in HARMONY
  • Avoiding denial, ignorance and separation
  • Why Donald Trump may just have a useful purpose
  • Turning, facing and embracing your demons

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LID Publishing

TZS192 A Calmer You

Chloe BrotheridgeAuthor, anxiety coach and therapist, Chloe Brotheridge, shares the secrets to a calmer life.

Topics we explore:

  • The many routes into meditation
  • Teaching by being a role model
  • How what we eat can cause anxiety
  • How parents can ‘feed’ children’s mental illness
  • How computer games and TV news can create ‘false’ adrenalin
  • Integrating calm into a busy life
  • How the breath is a natural ‘relaxer’
  • Leaning into anxiety

Links from the show

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