TZS191 Leaving a Breadcrumb Trail

Tom EvansAuthor and intuitive healer, Catherine Carrigan, turns the tables and interviews Tom Evans, the usual host of this podcast, about his journey from the world of technology to the magical place he finds himself in now.

Topics we explore:

  • Moving from left to right brain operation
  • Evolving from the whole brain state to the whole mind state
  • How the magician awoke
  • Synthesising male and female magical wisdom
  • What routine helps Tom stay in the zone
  • Bringing fun into the spiritual journey
  • Seeing the lessons in adversity
  • Leaving bread-crumb trails
  • Having a glass that is over-brimming
  • Directing our own evolution
  • Taking conscious control of lower mind centres
  • Activation of the heart ray

The Secret Man

Links from the show

Cataracts of the Third Eye
Just for Day – free nuggets of mindfulness
Just for Me – seven days of meditations
Heart-full Living – awakening to the new consciousness

Virgin Money Giving Page

Catherine Carrigan – intuitive healer
Builders of the Adytum – BOTA
The Kryon School
Insight Timer app

Books mentioned

The Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments
This We Know
This We Are
The Zone
New Magic for a New Era
Mindful Timeful Kindful
Managing Time Mindfully

TZS190 Go Creative

Orna Ross GoCreative

Author, poet and creativist, Orna Ross, explains why going creative is our native state.

Topics we explore:

  • Enacting and experiencing creativity
  • Creativism and being a Creativist
  • The two superhighways of perception
  • The seven stages of creativity
  • Why going creative is the native state
  • The seven stage creative process
  • Applying the process to a poem
  • Getting unstuck using the three practices
  • Making : Meditation : Mindfree Movement
  • We can be creativist about money generation too!
  • Living in the Creative Age
  • How the rational and analytical phase has lead us to the Creative Age
  • Creating a community of creativists

Links from the show

Next Live Event
Go Creative!
Join the Creativist Club
Alliance of Independent Authors
Orna’s books

New Magic for a New Era

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TZS189 The Real Food Revival Plan

Brian Cormack CarrAuthor, coach and foodie-with-insight, Brian Cormack Carr, explains why we need to get real food back at the centre of our diet.

Topics we explore:

  • Why all diets don’t work for everyone
  • Finding out what works for you
  • Why processed food is cheap
  • A real food diet on a budget
  • What do you do if you don’t like cooking
  • How to have space for a pudding
  • Managing hunger and understanding your appetite
  • Being mindful about consuming our food
  • Negative thoughts affect choices and digestion
  • Dealing with the ‘beige buffet’
  • Why weight is not necessarily the best measure
  • Dealing with faddy kids and different likes
  • Weight saving and cost saving
  • Dealing with one billion hungry people and one billion obese

Links from the show

Brian’s web site and blog
Real Food Revival Plan on Amazon
Get Brian’s free Real Food Reset guide
Guila Enders – Gut

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TZS188 Marketing Your Business Book

Chantal CookeAuthor, PR guru, broadcaster and marketing expert Chantal Cooke talks about her new book, The Authority Guide to Marketing Your Business Book.

Topics we explore:

  • Books are a great way to share knowledge
  • Your book deserves the widest audience
  • How the PR landscape has changed and widened
  • Writing a book without PR is a waste of time and money
  • Be where your readers hang out
  • Getting PR on a budget
  • Thinking about PR before you write the book
  • Books are still judged by their covers – and titles
  • Always have a copy of your book with you
  • Create ‘whitepapers’ from extracts to build your email list
  • Use Amazon KDP Select Kindle Giveaways
  • Building your author platform
  • Promote your book as you are writing it
  • An author platform is not just a web site but your collective authority
  • Share your wisdom at all price points – from free upwards
  • Good content is key if you want to secure media coverage
  • Why you have to give journalists something they can understand and work with

MarketLinks from the show

Panpathic Communications
The Book Booster
Sue Richardson’s Authority Guides
Marketing Your Business Book on Amazon

… and I have some marvelous news to share with you. Since re-connecting with Chantal and Sue Richardson, I too have written a new book called the Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness. I will be pulling myself up with my bootstraps and using the guidance in Chantal’s book to get it out to the widest audience.

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