TZS 179 Creative Muse-ings

Tom Evans Host of the Zone ShowIn this podcast, the tables are turned on me and I am interviewed by creative coach and musician Karen Reinhold.

Original broadcast as part of a tele-summit run by Karen on creating a ‘juicy life’ – and edited down for the Zone Show.

Themes explored

  • How the mindful meditation opens the door to a magical life
  • Why every case of writer’s block is a life block
  • How mindfulness leads to timefulness
  • How success can lead to stress
  • The importance of getting in touch with natural timings
  • To better manage time, we have to understand when the clocks started ticking
  • Why we should be ‘mindful’ about our thoughts
  • Why it’s madness not to spend 10 minutes of meditation a day
  • How you can not wear a watch and never be late!

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