TZS 178 Rebelling Against Depression

Eleanor O'RourkeAuthor, creative catalyst and spell-breaker, Eleanor O’Rourke explains how creativity and depression share an energetic relationship.

Eleanor has bravely written two, no-holds barred books about her journey out of the zone and back again, 40 Days 40 Nights and A Rebel’s Take On Depression.

Themes explored

  • What’s the difference between being down in the dumps and full blown depression?
  • The ‘black and white’ approach to mental health
  • Getting into the ‘creative doing’ zones and accessing bliss states
  • Feeding off the low grade fuels of drama and adrenaline
  • The simplicity and rhythm of walking meditation
  • Why Catholics were early into ‘NLP’
  • The rise of depression and why ‘chemical coshes’ aren’t the solution
  • The Four Pillars and the Dynamics of Desire and Devotion
  • Handling the higher frequencies of creativity and love
  • Dancing the energy with Geometricity
  • Using art, writing and nature as natural therapies
  • What life is like on the other side

Watch this video for an elegant and eloquent explanation of Geometricity

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