TZS 176 The Healing Zone

Jayney GooddardJayney Goddard, the president of the Complementary Medical Association, explains why a natural approach to healing and wellness has its benefits.

This podcast includes a 10 minute mindfulness meditation at the end. Do not listen to the last 10 minutes if you are driving, operating machinery or flying a jumbo jet.

Apologies for audio quality in some of this podcast …

Topics covered

  • The essence of complementary medicine
  • Why the best way to stay well is not to get ill in the first place
  • How, while our life span is increasing, our ‘health span’ is decreasing
  • Why early intervention is the best prevention
  • Why teaching well-being, meditation and nutrition in schools would be a good thing
  • How complementary medicine supports and augments allopathic medicine
  • How to become less prone to picking up any dis-ease
  • Why dancing, daily meditation and a busy social life are great tonics

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