TZS 181 Optimizing Time

Lisa KardosEngineer, author and speaker, Dr Lisa Kardos, explains why and how we can optimize our life, our efficiency and our time.

Themes explored

  • Crossing the bridge from ‘hard’ science to the ‘gentler’ side
  • Taking an engineering approach to personal development
  • How to go about ‘re-‘engineering yourself
  • Where to start with productivity?
  • Using your own victory as a driving force
  • The value of actively chilling out
  • The power of anticipatory thinking
  • Manage your efficiency and you manage your time
  • Engineering emotions
  • What else can be optimized?

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TZS 180 Unlimited Intuition

Catherin CarriganBest selling author, medical intuitive healer and naturopath, Catherine Carrigan, explains how to tune into unlimited intuition and to ‘re-connect’ with your soul.

Themes explored

  • What exactly is a medical intuitive healer?
  • Are intuitives born or nurtured?
  • Why intuition is unlimited
  • Why the time is Now
  • How to avoid overwhelm and overload from unlimited intuition
  • The four primary dramas
  • Seeing angels operating on the Earth Plane
  • How to open the box of miracles
  • The missing operator’s manual to access the sixth senses
  • How to cruise on the spiritual highway
  • Working towards an end to pain

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TZS 179 Creative Muse-ings

Tom Evans Host of the Zone ShowIn this podcast, the tables are turned on me and I am interviewed by creative coach and musician Karen Reinhold.

Original broadcast as part of a tele-summit run by Karen on creating a ‘juicy life’ – and edited down for the Zone Show.

Themes explored

  • How the mindful meditation opens the door to a magical life
  • Why every case of writer’s block is a life block
  • How mindfulness leads to timefulness
  • How success can lead to stress
  • The importance of getting in touch with natural timings
  • To better manage time, we have to understand when the clocks started ticking
  • Why we should be ‘mindful’ about our thoughts
  • Why it’s madness not to spend 10 minutes of meditation a day
  • How you can not wear a watch and never be late!

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TZS 178 Rebelling Against Depression

Eleanor O'RourkeAuthor, creative catalyst and spell-breaker, Eleanor O’Rourke explains how creativity and depression share an energetic relationship.

Eleanor has bravely written two, no-holds barred books about her journey out of the zone and back again, 40 Days 40 Nights and A Rebel’s Take On Depression.

Themes explored

  • What’s the difference between being down in the dumps and full blown depression?
  • The ‘black and white’ approach to mental health
  • Getting into the ‘creative doing’ zones and accessing bliss states
  • Feeding off the low grade fuels of drama and adrenaline
  • The simplicity and rhythm of walking meditation
  • Why Catholics were early into ‘NLP’
  • The rise of depression and why ‘chemical coshes’ aren’t the solution
  • The Four Pillars and the Dynamics of Desire and Devotion
  • Handling the higher frequencies of creativity and love
  • Dancing the energy with Geometricity
  • Using art, writing and nature as natural therapies
  • What life is like on the other side

Watch this video for an elegant and eloquent explanation of Geometricity

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TZS 177 The Quiet Power Zone

Tara GentileAuthor, fellow podcaster and business strategist, Tara Gentile, explains why quiet is the new loud when it comes to being powerful with your brand and business.

Topics covered

  • How a student of religion and theology ended up as a business strategist
  • Why a Quiet Power Strategy is not just for introverts
  • The three key skills of perception, discernment, and focus
  • Getting past the road block of the Impostor Complex
  • Why women are naturals when it comes to Quiet Power
  • The importance of having a goal to focus upon
  • The relative loudness of Americans compared with Canadians 😉

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TZS 176 The Healing Zone

Jayney GooddardJayney Goddard, the president of the Complementary Medical Association, explains why a natural approach to healing and wellness has its benefits.

This podcast includes a 10 minute mindfulness meditation at the end. Do not listen to the last 10 minutes if you are driving, operating machinery or flying a jumbo jet.

Apologies for audio quality in some of this podcast …

Topics covered

  • The essence of complementary medicine
  • Why the best way to stay well is not to get ill in the first place
  • How, while our life span is increasing, our ‘health span’ is decreasing
  • Why early intervention is the best prevention
  • Why teaching well-being, meditation and nutrition in schools would be a good thing
  • How complementary medicine supports and augments allopathic medicine
  • How to become less prone to picking up any dis-ease
  • Why dancing, daily meditation and a busy social life are great tonics

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