TZS 176 The Decluttered Zone

Davina MackailA decluttering and energising conversation with spiritual educator, shamanic seer and healer, dream expert, energy healer, feng shui and space clearing expert and alternative branding expert, Davina Mackail.

Davina has just published a new book on how to create the perfect spaces in which to live called, ‘Feng Shui: Create Health, Wealth and Happiness Through the Power of Your Home’.

Topics covered

  • Why feng shui is more relevant now than ever
  • How our mental state gets mirrored into our physical zones
  • Why we should declutter
  • How to get your ‘houses’ in order
  • Dealing with ‘negative energies’
  • Creating space for ‘miracles’
  • Why estate agents, and landlords, need to learn about feng shui
  • Why ‘new builds’ can inherit old stale energies
  • Feng shui and the eco-revolution
  • Why a home is a metaphor of the self

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TZS 175 Being Gender Smart

Inge WoudstraAuthor, speaker and diversity expert, Inge Woudstra, explains why it’s really smart to be ‘gender smart’ these days.

Topics covered

  • Gender inequality in the 21st century
  • Why differences should be celebrated
  • Creating a ‘gender smart zone’
  • Understanding communication style
  • Introducing ‘gender smart’ in schools
  • Why ‘smart’ businesses should be ‘gender smart’
  • How 1+1 can equal more than 2

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TZS 174 The Stress Free Zone

Hazel McCallumHazel McCallum is a corporate executive coach and expert in helping people and businesses deal with stress. In this podcast, she shares her 60 Second Tranquiliser and I share a 10 minute mindfulness meditation.

Topics covered

  • How stress comes from things outside of our control
  • If we change how we think and react, we can manage stress
  • Why stress and a challenge can be beneficial
  • When stress moves from being helpful to being damaging
  • How we are predisposing ourselves to be stressed these days
  • Making adjustments to reduce stress
  • Being stress-full or stress-free is a choice
  • Stress management
  • Destressing by breaking stress down into small chunks
  • Stress management starts by setting intention
  • Hazel’s 60 Second Tranquiliser
  • Noticing and dealing with the stress triggers

Note that this podcast interview includes a meditation at the end, please don’t listen to the end 10 minutes while driving.

Here’s my Do What You Love Book !

Do What You Love

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TZS173 We Need to Talk About Suicide

sande robertsSande Roberts shares her wisdom and guidance on how to deal the increasing incidence of suicide in modern society.

Topics covered

  • Why its important to talk
  • Differences in the signs between the sexes and with different age ranges
  • How some people are embarrassed to death
  • Dealing with suicide – the before and after
  • Why hospitalization is not a therapy but a holding strategy
  • Why suicide is everything but painless
  • The role of mindfulness as a preventative technique
  • Why there is light at the end of the tunnel

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TZS172 A Guide to Angels

Marie-ange FaugerolasIn conversation with internationally acclaimed author, screenwriter and channel, Marie-Ange Fougerolas about her new book Angels : A Definitive Guide to Angels From Around the World.

Topics covered

  • How connecting with angels helps us find our path
  • Angels act as both guides and protectors
  • Why angels are more relevant than ever in the 21st century
  • A belief in angels does not need a belief in religion
  • Angels do appear in all religious and spiritual traditions
  • How angels appear on the Earth Plane
  • How to start a dialogue with the angels
  • Why no request to angels is too trivial or mundane
  • Dealing with the darker energies
  • Forging and feeding connection with the angels
  • How we can best help the angels

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My fist channelled work that I found out later came from an angelic interaction and intervention …

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My second channelled work where I initiated the connection myself …
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