TZS171 Writing with Harmony

Harmony KentAuthor and author’s helper and champion, Harmony Kent, share her experience on living a life she loves making a living as a writer in the 21st century.

Topics covered

  • How an non-author becomes an author
  • How our lives become source material
  • Why it has become easy to get published
  • Crossing genres
  • Promoting your work
  • The cameraderie of indie authors
  • Why small can mean big

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TZS170 Future Memories

PMH AtwaterAuthor and world leading expert on Near-Death Experiences, PMH Atwater, returns to The Zone Show to talk about Future Memories.

Topics we explore:

  • What exactly is a future memory?
  • Ways to access future memories
  • Living the future before it arrives
  • Future memories as rehearsals for life
  • The ‘temporality’ of temporal lobes
  • Applications for future memories
  • Future memories are a sign consciousness has expanded
  • Being ‘in the zone’
  • How intelligence is increasing worldwide
  • How to change your thinking today in order to have the most fabulous tomorrow

Note that this podcast includes a guided meditative visualisation called Just for Tomorrow. I recommend you don’t listen to it if you are driving, operating machinery or flying a jumbo jet.

Useful Links

Find out more about PMH, her books, marketplace and services at:

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TZS169 Activating Soul Courage

Tara-jenelle WalshA soul-enriching conversation with Tara-jenelle Walsch, the author of Soul Courage and the founder and spirit behind Soulebrate & Soulcialize.

Topics covered

  • The difference between self-awareness and soul-awareness
  • Accepting (and finding) your Soul Mission
  • Our distractions of choice
  • Working and living with our pain – and our joy!
  • The desire for connection and involvement
  • Activating courage with the Sacred Formula
  • Feel Express Connect
  • Zoning in to who we truly are
  • Finding the ‘portal to the all’
  • Working and living with your Soul Team
  • Reaching out by reaching in first
  • Even events with bad consequences take us somewhere new
  • Reaching out by reaching in first

Here’s the images referred to at around 25m20s into the podcast …

Tara-jenelle Walsh Soulstar DANAS

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