TZS 166 That was 2015

The Year of 2015A reflective conversation, around a virtual Christmas pint or three, with author, storyteller and wisdom-keeper/sharer, Gary Plunkett, on what unfolded in 2015.

NOTE : thus podcast contains two guided visualisations so pull over if you are driving and don’t fly a jumbo jet!

Topics covered

  • Why it’s important to take a break from time to time …
  • but to be careful about what you wish for
  • The power of telling stories
  • The power of old wisdom
  • Getting everything in its right place
  • The power of forgiveness
  • Slowing down as the new speeding up
  • The value of re-invention from time-to-time
  • A proverb is not a proverb unless you have experienced its contents

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TZS 165 Flavours of Magic

Annabelle DrummAnnabelle Drumm takes over as Zone Show host and turns the tables on me to discuss the differences between female and male magic – and their synthesis.

Topics covered

  • The flavour of male magic
  • The flavour of female magic
  • Their archetypes in the Tarot
  • How their synthesis leads to the next level of human evolution
  • Why it’s high time we got back to natural time

Tarot Archetypes discussed

Tarot Archetypes

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TZS 164 New Visions of Reality

Elizabeth JoyceAuthor and psychic Elizabeth Joyce explains how we as humans are on the cusp of the next phase or evolution and awakening. This podcast concludes with a guided meditation so please don’t listen to the last 12 minutes if you are driving, operating machinery or flying a jumbo jet.

Topics covered

  • Meditation as a connection to the divine
  • Setting conditions as bargains with your higher self
  • Dealing with psychic attack
  • What exactly is a chakra?
  • How to deal with blocked or imbalanced chakras
  • How to open and access higher chakras
  • Visions for 2016

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