TZS 163 Ending the Tyranny of Time

Managing Time MindfullySteve Palfreyman turns the tables on me in this conversation about my new book, Managing Time Mindfully.

Topics covered

  • Dealing with curved balls
  • How humans have enslaved themselves with time
  • Getting in tune with the Moon
  • The normal human mind can only experience one thought at a time
  • Why we end up being creatively uncreative
  • The benefits of tapping into the Future You
  • Making use of Dream Time
  • Getting our head, heart and gut in alignment
  • Catch curved balls
  • Weird things that happen with time
  • Slowing down is the new speeding up

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TZS 162 Small Business Big Magic

Judith MorganSmall Business Oracle and podcaster, Judith Morgan, shares her wisdom and experience on how to build a business which changes your life.

Topics covered

  • The magic lies in trust
  • Why woo-woos need their feet on the ground
  • Why 13 is not to be feared
  • Keeping a day job when starting a business is a good idea
  • Big magic comes from small wins
  • Slowing down is the new speeding up
  • A podcast as a serendipity generator

p.s. this podcast was recorded on 13th November at 13:13hrs and magically came out at 31m31s in length exactly – don’t you just love it when that happens?

Useful Links

Judith’s main web site
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Judith’s interview with me back in 2010
My next book available for pre-order

TZS 161 Be Limitless

Liz HarwoodAuthor, publisher, creative marketeer and coach, Liz Harwood, explains how to take off the chains that bind us and to become limitless in our thinking, doing and being.

Topics covered

  • Going from limited to limitless
  • The Six D’s
  • The demon on the shoulder
  • The Five A’s
  • Creating a mantra for change
  • Discovering your core purpose
  • Why we should always count our blessings

p.s. apologies for some Skype ‘bells’ throughout, see them as angels grabbing our attention on our shoulder

Useful Links

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TZS160 Mindful Career Transitions

Liesel TevershamLiesel Teversham explains how career transition doesn’t necessarily mean changing jobs. Quite often what has to change is us!

Topics covered

  • Learning to say no
  • The importance of finding your strengths
  • Changing career by changing perspective
  • Why we must fill up our own ‘cup’
  • How EFT helps alleviates the root cause
  • What it’s like on the other side of transition
  • Why it’s never too late to make a change

Useful Links

Liesel’s web site
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TZS 159 A Shot of Jinn

Dedra StevensonA delightful conversation with author Dedra L Stevenson about her trilogy of books, A Hakima’s Tale. The books, which are primarily for young adults, explore Arabic mythology and have been described as Harry Potter from the Middle East.

Dedra’s books do more than tell an enthralling story, they also act as a bridge fostering mutual understanding between cultures at a crucial time.

Useful Links

Find out more about Dedra and her books here
Connect with Dedra on Facebook
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Get the audio book here
Mark Norman, audio narrator