TZS 158 Passing the Gatekeeper

Raymond WileyRaymond Wiley is a consummate veteran of both podcasts and terrestrial radio. He is a historian, a seeker and an opener of doors. In this philosophical exploration, he explains why it’s always a good idea to give every door knob a rattle.

Topics covered

  • Podcasts as opportunity machines and serendipity generators
  • The Georgia Guidestones
  • Being here to be a witness
  • How the occult can become ‘a cult’
  • Pursuing the phenomena of conspiracy theories and theorists
  • How one podcast can spawn another
  • What’s the USA doing in Syria?
  • The podcast as a door opener
  • Why you never know who the gatekeeper is going to be
  • Why it’s always worth seeing if a door is locked or open

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Raymond takes a tour around the Georgia Guidestones

TSZ 157 Discover Your Purpose

DYP-Book_444Rhys Thomas is a visionary author, speaker, trainer, and coach in the personal growth and energy medicine field. He is the founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine and the creator of the Rhys Method which is a powerful system self discovery, transformation, and healing.

In this enlightening podcast, Rhys talks about his new book, Discover Your Purpose and the five life purpose profile.


Topics we explore:

  • What exactly is energy medicine
The importance of finding your core qualities are
  • The five profiles
  • The error of running energy into our mask
  • The primary and secondary profiles e.g. the profile of a saint
  • Development and unfolding of our chakras/li>
  • How to discover your profile
  • The five spiritual centres
  • Understanding our vows, shadow and archetypes

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TZS 156 Musings from the Potting Shed

The Potting Shed PodcastIn conversation with the inspirational author and podcaster Luke Strickland talking about time sponges, releasing your song, growing seeds that help people blossom and seeing where the balloons land.

Topics we explore:

  • Why you are never too young to podcast (Luke’s 5 year old daughter does it)
The importance of a creative routine and a creative space and times
  • How to get back in the zone when you are out of it/li>
  • Finding inspiration in different forms
  • Why creativity begets creativity
  • How podcasting has become democratised
  • Being the best expression of who you can be

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TZS 155 Discover Your Bounce


Nicky Marshall is a best selling author, healer and intuitive business mentor.

In this enlightening podcast, Nicky talks her about her personal and business transformational programme, Discover Your Bounce.

Topics we explore:

  • How we end up losing our bounce
How to get it back
  • How Nicky bounced back from her stroke
  • What would life be like if it was perfect for us
  • How teams can discover their bounce
  • The power of collaborative publication
  • Changing negativity into positivity

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