TZS 154 Reclaim the Magic

Lee MilteerDame Lee Milteer is an internationally known and celebrated entrepreneur, shaman, best selling author, award winning professional speaker, TV personality, and Intuitive Business Mentor.

In this enlightening podcast, Lee talks her about her new book, Reclaim the Magic.

Topics we explore:

  • Power is internal
The time to bring the ‘woo-woo’ out is now
  • Facing the Dark Night of the Soul
  • Life doesn’t happen to you, it responds to you
  • How to connect to the Infinite Intelligence
  • 30 days of scripting is enough to kick things off
  • How to take control of your thoughts
  • Why success is an ‘inside job’
  • Focus on your natural talents – and take action
  • Keeping one foot in heaven and one on Earth
  • The importance of ritual
  • The beauty of keeping an ‘evidence book’
  • Asking for a sign
  • Forgiveness is the key
  • Grudges suck energy from us
  • Why the right attitude is crucial

Useful Links

Find out more about Lee Milteer, her books, courses and teachings at:

Lee Milteer’s Main Web Site
Reclaim the Magic
Lee Milteer’s Metaphysical Mystery School
The Five Types of Energy

TZS 153 The Rider on the Elephant

James MapesAuthor, actor, motivational speaker and stage hypnotist, James Mapes, shares his wisdom on who and what is really ‘driving the bus’ in our lives.

This podcast includes a 10 minute meditation at the end which should not be listened to if you are driving or operating machinery or flying a jumbo jet

Topics we explore:

  • How James made quantum leaps in his career
How vision propels us into the future
  • Fear as our teacher
  • Types of fear – primitive, delicious and illusory (six types)
  • Creating harmony between the rider and the elephant
  • Becoming a partner in our own wellness
  • Creating movement with Applied Imagination
  • The power of the pause

Useful Links

Find out more about James, his books and wisdom at:

James Mapes Main Web Site
Quantum Leap Thinking: An Owner’s Guide to the Mind
James Mapes, Mental Hacks to Achieve Your Goals on Avanoo

Mindful Timeful Kindful the book
Mindful Timeful Kindful on Avanoo
The 10 Minutes of Mindfulness Meditation … and more

TZS 152 The Serendipity Zone

RandyRogers-555Author and hypnotherapist Randy Rogers talks about his book, The Key of Life; A Metaphysical Investigation and the serendipities he’s experienced in this life (and beyond).

Be prepared for some way-out themes and topics in this podcast – including a little levitation.

Find out more about Randy and get his book here

TZS 151 Near Death Experience

PMHAtwater-300x300Author and world leading expert on Near-Death Experiences, PMH Atwater, share her wisdom this process which is more common than is thought. She has died and come back three times so has been there and got the NDE T-shirt too.

Topics we explore:

  • How she got the ‘first name’ PMH
NDE as heavenly sledgehammers
  • Four elements of an NDE
  • How NDEs differ between children and adults
  • After effects of NDEs
  • How the soul attaches and detaches
  • What NDEs tell us about death – and life
  • What scientists think about NDEs
  • Why clinicians should be mindful when treating those who have had an NDE
  • The ‘weight’ of the soul
  • The power of the universal breath
  • What’s next for PMH?

Useful Links

Find out more about PMH, her books, marketplace and services at:

PHM Atwater’s Main Web Site
PMH Atwater’s books on Amazon
Dying to Know You

TZS 150 The Performance of Poetry

steveTasane_222Author and performance poet, Steve Tasane, share his wisdom on the power and potency of words. He treats us too to two performance poems, one on The Zone and one about Saving the Libraries.

Topics we explore:

  • Transitioning from performance poet to author
Making a living as a performance poet
  • How Charles Dickens was a performer
  • A live poem on The Zone
  • The mathematics of poetry
  • How words are loaded with meaning
  • Why read a book out loud so readers can read them ‘in loud’
  • Why all books should have a map
  • A live poem on Saving the Libraries

Useful Links

Find out more about Steve, his books, poems and performances at:

Steve Tasane’s Blog Site
Walker Books UK
Ink Slingers

Watch Steve’s performance and interpretation of The Old Curiosity Shop

TZS 149 Unravelling Podcast Law

david-lizerbramAttorney and author of the free ebook, Podcast Law, David Lizerbram explains what we should be aware of as podcasters to avoid falling foul of the law.

Topics we explore:

  • Featuring unsigned artists
Making trade agreements
  • Copyright is there to protect artists – including podcasters
  • Trademarking your podcast
  • Monetising your podcast
  • Transparency with advertisers and sponsors
  • Avoiding slander from show guests

Useful Links

Get your free copy of Podcast Law here
David Lizerbram & Associates
Follow David on Twitter