TZS 148 The Business Witch

Sue-Warwick-croppedSue Penney explains how she uses her magic to right to the soul of a business to help it thrive.

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And here’s a video of The Secret Man

TZS 147 The Spirit Warrior

The Spirit Warrior podcast from Steve Trister is a new channel of enlightened conversations with enlightened thinker, be-ers and do-ers.

Useful Links from the Podcast

Listen to Steve’s Spririt Warrior podcast here
The Spirit Warrior

The movie that spurred Steve into action
Earthlings – the movie & movement

Kyle Cease

Tim Freke – Stand-up Philosopher

Darryl Anka – Bashar

Interview with Amish Shah

Drew Canole

Jackie Walker – The Mothering Revolution

10 Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat

Free 10 Minute Meditation if you don’t have 10 days

Steve’s YouTube reaction to Earthlings

Steve Trister Channelling Latao

TZS 146 Making a Living from Writing

JoannaPennSquare_333Author and speaker, Joanna Penn, shares the secrets of how to follow your bliss and make a living from writing.

This is one podcast to tune into if you want to escape the 9 to 5 and to do something you enjoy at the same time.

Video version :

Topics we explore:

  • Networking with other authors is important when starting out
Tapping into creativity while making money
  • Making money while you sleep
  • Why it’s important to follow your bliss and to write more than one book
  • How the publishing landscape has changed in less than 10 years
  • Choosing a living and a lifestyle
  • Intellectual property makes money for a lifetime
  • Our creative output creates a legacy that lasts for 70 years after we pass
  • How writing for nonfiction differs from crafting fiction
  • Content marketing for fiction is writing more fiction
  • Why a series of books is essential
  • Make a good living by focusing on entertainment, education and inspiration
  • Ambition for creatives is important

Useful Links

Find out more about Joanna and her fiction and non-fiction books here

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The Story Grid

Joanna Penn interview with Shawn Coyne


The Alliance of Independent Authors

Alliance of Independent Authors

TZS 145 A Happy Medium

Barry-Eaton_222Author, broadcaster and radio show host, Barry Eaton, discusses how we can live a fuller life by embracing the ‘other side’.

He talks about his transition from broadcasting to being a pyschic and medium and shares his personal loss which lead him to explore this world in more depth.

Topics discussed

  • How death is not final but a transition
  • How to develop extra-sensitive abilities
  • The importance of the meditative state
  • How the spirit world interacts with the physical plane

Useful Links


Afterlife by Barry Eaton

No Goodbyes by Barry Eaton

Ruth Philips

Bob Murray

Arthur Findlay College

Val Hood

Amy Palko on God & Goddess Archetypes

Free meditations from Joseph Emet

My free Be Calm meditation

TZS 144 The Diary of a Gatekeeper

DavWaltherHealer, medium and author, David Walther, shares his journey from being a policeman on the beat to ‘policing’ of a completely different kind.

For more about David, his book and his work, visit his web site