TZS 111 The Sounds of Katie Rose

Katie RoseSinger, Musician, Sound Therapist & Vocal Coach, Katie Rose, shares some of her music and her sonic wisdom in this entrancing podcast

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TZS 110 Power in the Paddock

Author, equine facilitator and cancer survivor, Yolanda Sing, talks about how a horse saved her life, how horses got her out of the corporate world and how she got the corporate world to sit on horses !

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TZS 109 Imagining a Peaceful Place

Author and world-renowned hypnotherapist, Roy Hunter, explains how we can use the power of hypnosis to take stress out of our lives and perform at our peak.

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TZS 108 The Collapse of Materialism

Fascinating and enlightening conversation with Philip Comella on his book, The Collapse of Materialism: Visions of Science, Dreams of God, exploring why science isn’t dead in the water but in need of an upgrade.

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TZS 107 New Magic for a New Era

New Magic for a New EraAuthor and modern day mystic, Tom Evans, in conversation with Rita Emmett about his new book and how we can all let a little more magic into our world

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TZS 106 Born for This

Lillian OgbogohLillian Ogbogoh, the progenitor of Born For This, explains why she brought 27 authors together to share their journeys to success in life, love and business

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TZS 105 Getting Things Done

David Allen, the author and progenitor of Getting Things Done, shares his wisdom on how to make the most of your days

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