TZS 064 A Man for Our Time

Inventor, horologist and philanthropist, Dr John C Taylor OBE, shares his wisdom on innovation and all things temporal.

Find out more about John and his amazing time-eating clock, the Chronophage, at

The Chronophage

The Corpus Clock & Chronophage is the first clock in the world to employ Dr Taylor’s patented method of displaying time. It features a pioneering appropriation of the Vernier Principle to display seconds, minutes and hours in a brilliant blue light display.

The machine has been invented by and designed by Dr John Taylor for Corpus Christi College Cambridge for the exterior of the college’s new library building. The Clock was unveiled on 19th September 2008 by Stephen Hawking, cosmologist and author of the global bestseller, A Brief History of Time.

TZS 063 The Heart of Healing

Energy coach Sarah McCrum shares her wisdom on a paradigm shift in how we approach healing and well being. Be prepared for an ache or pain to disappear when you listen to this podcast.

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And here is the video of the podcast if anyone wants to see if they can perceive Sarah’s aura. It starts glowing at 21m30s but it helps if you watch it all to ‘tune in’

TZS 062 The Inefficiency Assassin

Fellow Avanoo author, Helene Segura, explains how an American ended up playing pentangue to save and make time.

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TZS 061 Find a Job and Yourself

Author, speaker and ‘transformer’, Thomas Dowd, explains how a new job or role can be a breath of fresh air.

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TZS 060 What is Channelling?

Some people think channelling is about connecting with the Dear Departed. Author Tom Evans is in conversation with Ursula O’Connell on how to make our inner chatter go quiet so that we can connect with our Creative Muse.

To find out more, see how Tom teaches authors how to channel their books