TZS 046 How to Live Timefully

Jackie Walker talks temporally with Tom Evans about his mindful approach to time management called Living Timefully.

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TZS 045 Isaac George : The Dolphin Boy

A fascinating conversation with Isaac George, a man who communes with dolphins, who knows a few of the mysteries of the cosmos too and how events in the heavens impact our lives down on good old Planet Earth.

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TZS 044 How to Channel Your Book

Author and intuitive coach Junie Swadron in conversation with Tom Evans about his new programme for authors called How to Channel Your Book.

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TZS 043 Your Book as Your Brand

The Brand Gladiator Neil Humphrey from Studio Maximus explores how publishing a book (or books) become your brand with author and temporal alchemist Tom Evans

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TSZ 042 Introducing Temporal Alchemy

In this episode, Ana Isabel turns the tables on me and interviews me about temporal alchemy and how we can get more done with less time.

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