TZS 041 The Productivity Ninja

If you think that there is not enough hours in a day, think again.

Find out how attention management is the new time management and how to get more done in less time.

Find out more about Graham, his book and workshops here

TZS 040 Calming Your Mind

Author and creator of Mind Detox and Mind Calm Meditation, Sandy Newbigging, talks about how we can achieve a calm mind in a busy world.

For more about Sandy and to get his book, Mind Calm

TZS 039 Think Yourself Well

Author, hypnotherapist and publisher Jan Alcoe shares her wisdom on how we can control our thoughts to improve our wellbeing

Find out more about Jan here

and Stepbeach Press here

TZS 038 The Inspiration Bible

Word artist, Emily Gowor, talks about her amazing project to create an inspirational meme to light up the planet – a book of collective wisdom called The Inspiration Bible.

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