TZS 026 Dream Analysis

Author, dreamwhisperer, mystic and shaman Davina Mackail explores the Dreaming Zone and explains how we can use our sleeping time to be creative.

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TZS 025 Angelic Wisdom

Author, healer and therapist, Jennifer Lynch, chats about her somewhat gritty approach to writing novels with a spiritual message.

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TZS 024 Write Yourself Well

uthor and intuitive facilitator, Jackee Holder, shares some fabulous tips on how we can connect with our creative muse.

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TZS 023 The Barefoot Doctor

Stephen RussellA magical conversation with Stephen Russell, aka the Barefoot Doctor, where we explore the seat and nature of consciousness and even get it to move a little.

This conversation includes a powerful and deep meditative visualisation so do not listen to it while driving or operating machinery.

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