TZS 010 A Bit of a Stretch

tone-tellefsenThe talented chiropractor Tone Tellefsen Hughes of Lucks Yard Clinic talks about the relationship between body and mind when it comes to healing and well being.

In this podcast, she talks us through three simple stretching exercises and it concludes with a relaxing meditation to help quieten your mind.
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TZS 009 Taking a Pencil for a Walk

Exploring the Creative Zone with artist Paula Swenson who explains how she can teach anyone to draw in just eight weeks – even me !!

Find out more about Paula, her courses and her art here

TZS 008 Over Our Heads

A fascinating chat with new author, James Sinclair, who wrote and published this book at 73 years young . James new book explains what’s above our heads and what’s below our feet in language we can all understand.

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TZS 007 It’s Only a Comma

An exploration of the healing zone with cancer survivor Maria Carmella, the author of the inspirational book, It’s Only a Comma.

It’s Only a Comma is available for Amazon Kindle

Sadly Maria passed to the other side some time after this interview – may she rest in peace and come back soon